About Perl Mongers

The Perl Mongers are what other people might call Perl User Groups. They are mostly location specific groups of people who use the Perl programming language and gather into groups in order to exchange ideas. They are autonomous sets of individuals that get minimal technical service from the central Perl Mongers administrators. They are diverse in background and in level of expertise and they probably all have different ideas on what the Perl Mongers are. They are the key to the cohesion in the Perl Community and that of the larger Perl Ecosystem.

Groups can be found all over the world. They usually have a web site with some local content, their activity includes discussions on their mailing list or on their IRC channel. Often the groups have regular face-to-face meetings and sometimes they get together and organize a Perl workshop or a Perl conference.

While I have a separate blog on my own web site I’ll use this one to talk about the Perl Mongers. I plan to visit the web site of many groups and write about them.


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