Perl Mongers in Budapest, Hungary

Though it is not a very active group I picked the Budapest Perl Mongers as the first group I am visiting as that’s the place where I was born. Although I don’t live there I visit often and albeit only virtually but I am also involved in the local Perl community so I know a little bit of the history as well.

If you visit the web site of the Budapest Perl Mongers you will notice it is actually the Hungarian page of the Perl Foundation wiki. It has very little information but it is already a nice improvement as a week ago the group did not have a working website. There is also a discussion on the mailing list that started here (in Hungarian) on the need to improve that page. Several people have recommended links to be added. I hope they will actually start to update that page.

As you could already figure out, the group has a mailing list with discussion in Hungarian. This is a good resource for anyone who speaks Hungarian and an especially good resource to those Perl programmers who might only speak Hungarian. While I think that in order to become a good programmer one should learn English at a reasonable level I would hope we don’t make it a requirement to start to program. At least not for Perl.

A few year ago there was a larger web site and even a wiki but during a server move that got lost. It is probably backed up somewhere but currently no one seem to have enough energy to dig it out and set it up again. There are many other PM groups that use their own facilities to host their web site. I wonder if it wasn’t better to have them on the central server. I’ll have to find out why so many groups opt to use their own hardware?

Not only was there a web site but we organized several annual meetings as well and we even had a conference where Larry Wall was also invited. That managed to draw quite a number of the Perl users but unfortunately later it was not followed by active organization of meetings.

As mentioned above there was a recent surge in discussion about the content of the “web site” and people even started to talk about a meeting. So if you are going to be in Budapest next week you might want to check out when and where are they going to meet. Even the TwinCity Perl Workshop was mentioned. On YAPC::EU::2009 in Lisbon we had a short discussion about the possibility of enlarging the Twin City Perl Workshop that was two days long in 2008 (one day in Vienna and one day in Bratislava ) to also include Budapest in the next event.

So while this is currently not a very active group, it can help the Hungarian speaker Perl programmers and there is some hope to see it get moving ahead now.


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One Response to “Perl Mongers in Budapest, Hungary”

  1. Jozef Says:

    Why has it’s own server hosting is simple. Some month ago the hosting was strictly ISO-8859-1 only. Which is no more a case, but why spending efford and migrating when it works?

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