Grand Rapids Perl Mongers

I was looking for details of the 2007 Perl Survey when I bumped into the blog post of Jason Porritt on the Perl Survey Results about the US Perl Mongers. I especially liked the part at the end of the post:

I’ll bring out the salary information again: the average Perl Monger makes $6,445 (7.88%) more than their non-participating counterparts. That figure jumps to $7,336 (8.97%) if you attend meetings. Do I have your attention now?

When he wrote this, Jason Porritt was the vice president and now he is the president of the Grand Rapids Perl Mongers, so I decided to visit them today seeing how they are doing. The visit to the groups web site was not too long as it has only a single page but I wondered off a bit to see their mailing list and then the blog posts of Jason.

The Grand Rapids Perl Mongers have a nice web page and when you look at it you can see the date of the next meeting but unfortunately that meeting was last month. Looking at the mailing lists (they have two) you can see in the recent months the activity was only the e-mails telling about the cancellations of the meetings. At least they intend to meet.

I wonder what is the issue and how could they improve their activity? Anyone from Grand Rapid who uses Perl but does not know about the local Perl Mongers group?


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